The studio

Virtual reality | Game design

A french VR game publishing studio

Located near from Paris, 3DDD Games is a human-sized virtual reality video game studios in the Val d’Oise region.
French and independent, our leitmotif is to provide fun and original play experiences, rich in storytelling.
Displaying a deliberately offbeat narrative tone, our games offer a unique VR experience always sprinkled with humor.

Immerse at the heart of our games

Passionate about video games since their inception, we have made it our development line to entertain through immersion, adventure and action.
We handle in-house, the creation, the development and the edition of our games thanks to an infrastructure including VR development stations and a recording studio.

A motley team

Supported by stakeholders from different backgrounds, 3DDD Games benefits from extensive know-how in fields that are rich from their variety and complementary. This variety is the keystone of our studio.


3DDDgames | VR adventure creator


Original gameplay, a thrilling story and neat ergonomics.
We create most of our 3D models, texturing, rigging and animating our characters.


We develop our games on Unity, which allows us to benefit from the power of a large community.


Our studio allows us to carry out the various elements of sound design in house:
the creation of original music, the recording of voiceovers and sound effects, as well as the mixing (stereo, multichannel and ambisonics).


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